Swedish charter plane emergency landed in Germany after crack emerges


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Saturday, 06 August 2011
A Swedish charter plane run by the company Malmo Aviation was forced to an emergency landing on Saturday at Hanover airport after a crack emerged on the flight deck.

"I noticed that we started going down way too early," says Swedish television reporter, Emma Kronqvist who was on the plane, to the Report.

The Malmo Aviation plane had taken off from Corsica, and was on its way to Copenhagen when it was forced to go down in Germany and landed in an emergency manner after the flight deck box cracked. The plane was packed with passengers who booked their aircraft seat with a travelling agency, Langley Travel. When the incident occurred, the plane had barely an hour's flight away from Copenhagen.


“The captain chose to immediately land the plane,” said Henry L�fberg, spokesman for Malm� Aviation.
“The crack in the cockpit box occurred during the flight and the plane was then near Hanover. Had it been a domestic flight, there would have been enough clear distance, but as it now was a long flight so we went down for safety's sake, says Henry L�fberg.

A new Malm� Aviation plane was sent from Sweden to Hanover and reportedly will collect the passengers to continue their journey to Copenhagen.
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