Big corporation makes profits despite concerns in the market and the future


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Friday, 05 August 2011
Despite the shaky stock market, things are still good for some companies on the exchange. These companies presented a record profit for the second quarter. Maximum profit machines were Skanska, Ericsson and Swedbank.

Share prices this year have been disappointing. But the index of Stockholm stock exchange has so far this year performed the second worst in the developing world  but this is also not being attributed to the poor performances of the either the Swedish economy or its companies.

When reports of the second quarter performances of companies were published listed companies showed higher profits for the eighth consecutive quarter.


The second three month period ended with an overall profit growth of 8 percent compared with first quarter and 12 percent over the same period last year, according to a survey by financial analyst Peter Malmqvist.

“It was in balance with expectations but personally I thought it would be somewhat better,” he says.
Growth in companies over the same period last year was lower in the second quarter than in the first.
New orders for listed companies slowed down later in the second quarter. The companies showed this in their quarterly reports – an increase in the annual rate of 6 percent. This compares with 12 percent increase in annual terms for the same group of companies last quarter.
Case study on the effects of market turbulence in Sweden
Big companies that survived the stock market
Companies that took the most beating
Large companies whose share price stands at positive levels last month – (trend in percent).
Millicom International Cellular + 4.7
Axfood + 3.6
Tele2 + 3.1
Swedish Match + 2.5
Biggest losers last month among large companies. The trend in percent.
Hexagon B-33, 1
Stora Enso R-32, 2
Scania A -30.5
Scania B -30.3
Melker-27, 6
Electrolux B -27.2
SSAB A -26.9
 Sandvik -26.3
SSAB B -26.1
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