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Chinese people must learn the Danish Education way – according to Denmark

Friday, 18 November 2011
Group work, reflection, and debate are the common approach in Danish classrooms in learning and reflected both in public schools, continued schools and in high school.
But the creative teaching model in Denmark is so unique that it not only regarded as the best tool in public service, but also hardcore business resource.

This model is being replicated right now in Shanghai in which Chinese high school want to implement. This means that the Danish teaching and leaning model and ideology could be sold as a business model in that huge market.
“It is time that we think about education as a business and education as a product,”says Tom Hagedorn, who is superintendent at Odsherred School which is on his way to Shanghai to initiate the idea.


Tom Hagedorn, will in the next two years spearhead a project in which Danish teachers will have develop a specific training manual for Chinese high school teachers in Shanghai.
It will be finally concluded happens after three years of experiments with Danish teaching methods in China.

“The combination of Danish, creative teaching methods and the Chinese students' high level of ambition and drive is unique,” says Tom Hagedorn.

The Danish method is perfect to sell to Asia, where school systems are built on strict discipline and rote learning, according to Professor Jørgen Ørstrøm Moller, a former Danish ambassador to Singapore.

“The Danish education model can provide the creativity and individualism which the Asians need. And if we really want to bet, then we can make it a huge export industry over the next 5 to 10 years,” he says.

But that will come from getting ahead of the competition. In Shanghai where Tom Hagedorn in the coming days will participate in a conference, there will also be ten countries trying to sell their teaching methods for Chinese secondary schools.

“Educational institutions from around the world are waiting to be allowed to import their own teaching methods to China, so it would be a tough sell,” he said.

According to Jorgen Ørstrøm Moller, Denmark is stronger compared to other states.
“Very few countries have the tradition and experience in pedagogy, as we have and therefore we are competitive in this market.”
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