Carl Bildt satisfied with Obama’s speech on Middle East


Friday, 20 May 2011
Sweden’s Foreign Minister, Carl Bildt is satisfied with the clarity the speech of the U.S. president Barack Obama presented last night.

“It was very good that he was so explicit on this point. It is a basic precondition for a peace process. This means that Europe and the U.S. right now can speak with one voice on this important issue,” He said.

He adds that “it's hard to know in concrete terms what this will result in. It is very important that we from the West show that we remain committed to peace and justice in the Middle East. And then, just going back to the 1967 border as the basis for peace talks, becomes a very crucial parameter.”


There is talk of UN recognition of Palestine as a state in the fall. What is it?
About talks of the UN recognition of Palestine as a state, Swedish foreign minister adds that “there will be some movement in that direction. But I think it is too early to draw any conclusions on how it will be in September.”

On Monday, the EU's foreign ministers will meet in Brussels where the problems in North Africa and the Middle East will be high on the agenda. Then also they will take a decision on sanctions against Syria. But the sanctions will not help the civilian population of which hundreds have already been killed by the Syrian president's military forces.

“The problem is that we will not be entering the country, "said Carl Bildt.
Here the he means that world is virtually powerless to help civilians in Syria as they are being killed similar situation that led to involvement of NATO in Libya in which Sweden is participating.

“I would not say powerless but there are limitations on our ability. UN and Red Cross are trying as best as they can to get into the country and help in certain areas. And we are trying to exert political pressure in Damascus to pave the way for humanitarian aid. To say that we have been 100 percent successful the answer is no. There we have not been and the violence continues.”
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