Calls for the double of Stockholm congestion charges


Friday, 10 June 2011
The congestion charges to drive in to central Stockholm should be doubled, according to recent calls from political and civil figures in the Swedish capital. There is even the proposal that the charges should be doubled.

Some politicians are however careful the way they call for the revolution of the fee, Centre party mayor Per Ankersj� wants the fee to be better but the is also the one saying that it should be doubled.

Media reports recently showed new figures which indicate increasing traffic chaos in the Stockholm increases. Driving on the E4 south towards the city in rush hour for example takes 60 percent longer now than in 2006. This information seems to have aroused strong reactions from the public and political bureaucrats.


These sets of politician are now coming out with sharp tongues wanting, that the congestion charge should be raised sharply to new height so as to kill the incentive to drive into the city. It looks like the wealthy Swedish people don’t feel the pain of paying the current price which  varies according to the times of the day.

Politicians are beginning to believe that the few levels are becoming too low. “There is much room for increase but it is difficult to say exact how much the amount should be, but some times it can certainly be about a doubling, "said Mayor Per Ankersj�, chairman of the network to Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter.

As for the opposition  Social Democrats, they question why the government is not doing much to strengthen public transport in Stockholm
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