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British and Danish Royals meet in Copenhagen to work for Africa

Wednesday, 02 November 2011
Danish Royals, Crown Prince Frederik and British Prince William went in one car while the two women princesses, Danish Mary in the blue and Duchess Catherine in red, on Wednesday arrived together at the UNICEF centre in the East of Copenhagen to raise awareness about hunger catastrophe in East Africa.


Famine in the Horn of Africa is currently affecting 13 million people, including 320,000 children.
It is the first time that Prince William and Duchess Kate are visiting Denmark, and after a quick lunch with the Danish own Crown Prince in the couple's new home at Frederik VIII's Palace at Amalienborg Castle, they left for the Unicef work.

Head of UNICEF Nutrition Programme in Somalia, Peter Haily, welcomed their activities as it would increase awareness of the situation there that is still precarious.

The pairs among other things were shown around the large centre where they each packed a first aid kit along with staff from UNICEF who explained what to put in packages and why.
In their visit to UNICEF Supply Division the royals helped in packing relief packages to be sent to East Africa.

The visit is a working visit and a humanitarian PR campaign for famine in East Africa, and it is the English couple who have taken the initiative to visit.
It is hoped that as the visit raises awareness about the crisis in East Africa, the royals should also attract Danes or the British to make more contribution to their African campaign.

Later this afternoon the Duke and Duchess will follow the relief to the airport in Copenhagen, where it is loaded on a plane to Nairobi in Kenya. From here it shipped on to the worst affected areas in East Africa.

The region is well understood by both the English and Danish royal couple. Prince William has visited the area several times, and Crown Princess Mary visited Dadaab refugee camps in northern Kenya in August.
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