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Bloody nose for True Finns leader in Finnish presidential election first round as favourite,
Niinistö leads to the second round

Sunday, 22 January 2012
When nearly 99 percent of the votes in the Finnish presidential election was counted later last night, it is clear that the pre-tipped Niinistö from the National Coalition Party has had nearly 37 percent of the votes cast.
At the same time the leader of the Finnish Populist Party which some people considered to be a far right party, Timo Soini came in a distant forth place with 9.4 percent of the votes cast thus missing out of the second round of voting. 


Therefore, Niinistö will be heading for second round with 36.9 percent of the vote together with Pekka Haavisto (Green Paty) by 18.7 percent.  Väyrynen (Centre party) is third with 17.7 percent and can no longer take in second round of the voting’s.
Niinisto and Väyrynen had the most votes in early voting. Niinistö received 39.8 percent of pre-cast while Väyrynen 8.0 percent.
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