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Billionaire Soros gives Sweden a very high score

Thursday, 26 January 2012
US Billionaire George Soros praises the Swedish model of handling the financial crisis according to reports on  Swedish business daily, Dagens Industri.

According to the paper, Super investor, George Soros will announce his approach in the way of solution to the euro crisis when he appears in Davos on Wednesday.
He claims that eurobonds are the only way to resolve the crisis and criticize the politicians to have only had half a solution. He warned that Germany's strict requirements will create a vicious circle in Europe where wages and profits under pressure which results in lower economic activity and reduced tax revenues.

Instead, he ensures strict financial discipline, structural reforms but also to stimulate the economy to avoid deflation, writes Dagens Industri.
The now retired contractor also struck a blow for the Swedish crisis resolution.
"That which in Sweden inject capital into banks, and temporarily nationalize them, as I see it more efficiently than nationalizing the debt - but not banks. I believe that the Swedish model has been very successful, "said George Soros in Davos on Wednesday to the paper.
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