Attack on Oslo does not follow Islamist terrorist trend: Experts


Friday, 22 July 2011
Swedish terror expert, Magnus Ranstorp said that the bombing of Oslo and the shooting of unarmed youth on the Island of Ut´┐Żya is carried out by a “domestic political madman who has gone completely out of control.”

This made the bombing on Friday and shooting of innocent youths, according to Magnus Ranstorp, that Friday's attacks is unparalleled. “It does not seem to be any Islamist terrorist group behind the attacks in Norway.”

And according to terror expert Magnus Ranstorp, not talking too much can either be that the left or right extreme movement could be behind.
“They tend to focus on relatively specific targets and not to use indiscriminate violence, which was in this case. If you look at what happened in Europe in recent times, this becomes a big leap - in 2010, it was not a single right-wing extremist act in Europe, according to Ranstorp to Swedish news paper Dagens Nyheter.


Just because it is he finds it very difficult to see any clear motive for the attack, which he calls "extremely mysterious and tragic."

“This will be completely clear skies because it does not follow any trends. There are no special groupings that can take on this kind of madness.”

“The link is there is quite clear. But a person so elaborate should have prepared an explosive device on a rather complicated way, and then have gone down and perform this type of armed surgery ... it's pretty unique. There is no case in Europe that bear witness to something similar.”

The only metaphor Ranstorp can think of is that the school shootings in the U.S.. But he's still finds it hard to compare Friday's events with anyone before.

“This is extremely well planned. It is difficult to implement on such a relatively large car bomb and then leaving central Oslo in the police uniforms shoot people at a political camp.”

About who could be behind this deed, the terror expert said that:
“There are always individuals, but it is usually very rare that you find some so professionally prepared to perform this kind of action.”

“I agree that all theories open. But the more I hear about the shooting at the camp, the more evidence there is that this is a domestic political madman who has gone completely out of control. It is extremely tragic.”
Already Islamists have come up to claim that they are behind the explosions. Could they be behind? Could it be a combination of Islamists and others or could it be coincidence of terrorists’ convergence – the theories are left open
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