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Another big Scandinavian construction project looming in a Subway to Denmark from Malmö

Friday, 16 December 2011
The flow of traffic between Sweden and Denmark is good at this moment but in future there would be enough resources and network to cope with the growing traffic. This is why even though the Öresund Bridge is here to link the two cities; it will not be enough in the coming years.
The Mayors of Malmo and Copenhagen have been pondering about this in their recent summit and came up with an idea! ‘Let tunnel our ways through and create a subway between our cities!’

The subway between Copenhagen and Malmo would be approximately 28 kilometres long under water and under the Oresund Bridge. Nodding to this idea, mayor of Malmö Ilmar Reepalu and Copenhagen's Lord Mayor, Frank Jensen agreed that it takes a subway under the Öresund to meet the future commuting demand between Malmo and Copenhagen.

This has made the EU to decide to grant an investigation into the proposal further.
Initially, it had been determined that a Metro ride from Malmo to Copenhagen Central would cost about Skr13 billion and could be ready in about 15 years.

“The tracks on the Øresund Bridge will not be sufficient for all trains in the future. Therefore, we are already planning for an increased capacity so that commuters do not have to take the car,” says Ilmar Reepalu.


Öresund Bridge was not built primarily to give Sweden a highway to the continent, but to tie together Malmo and Copenhagen towards a coherent region. The last part of the project was the City Tunnel in Malmö, which opened a year ago.

It has improved the environment, train frequency and punctuality for the 20,000 people who commute daily to Copenhagen. The figures will more than double in 15 years.

“When the tunnel under the Fehmarn Belt, replacing the ferry between Rødby and Puttgarden, was opened, for about seven or eight years, freight traffic on the Øresund Bridge increase significantly. Furthermore, we get high-speed trains from the continent. These trains will block the regional traffic as the main priority. Meanwhile, the major research facilities EFS and Maxlabb 4 meet in Lund, which generates large commuting needs to Copenhagen and Kastrup,” says Ilmar Reepalu.

“To deal with the situation we have to plan for a new service that connects Malmo with Copenhagen Metro System, which is now expanding strongly throughout the entire Greater Copenhagen. Both Malmo and Copenhagen have added the new links in our plans for 2025 and prepared the ground for it.”

The EU has contributed money to the special fund of one million Euros which was created to investigate the planned subway line. Among the commuters in the City Tunnel, they have also great for the idea.
On Thursday and today, Friday, there will be many train cancellations due to a strike in Denmark. There is expected to be cramped and crowded trains in rush hour traffic.
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