Another oops as German farm tested negative to source of deadly E-coli infection


Monday, 06 June 2011
The first results from samples taken from the bean sprouts from a farm in northern Germany do not suggest that agents from the farm explain that the EHEC E- coli outbreak began from there. This is another failed attempt to understanding the source of the disease 

Various media organisations report that the source of the infection which started three weeks ago now remains unclear and German authorities will now go back to the drawing board.

The history of the source of the e-coli infections has evolved from Spanish cucumber which the German authorities announced when the illness was first spotted. Later when that did not yield any proper result, German authorities shifted to throw suspicion to a festival in Hamburg and then to a restaurant in the northern German city of Luebeck.

When all these sources were cleared, authorities pointed to an organic farm in northern Germany and this time it was the bean sprouts from a farm in Bienenb�ttel near Uelzen, south of Hamburg which were identified as the likely source of infection. Test started yesterday and results came out today showing that the sprouts were not the source.

Of the 40 samples taken from the farm 23 did not prove to contain the infection and the farm in now written off as a possible source of the infection.

So far around 2200 people have been infected and 22 died, including one Swedish.
The bug outbreak has alarm has affected the European consumers' purchases of vegetables and 27 EU agriculture ministers will discuss the issue tomorrow, Tuesday at a meeting in Luxembourg. This might include some form of compensation to the farmers affected, according to various media reports.
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