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Anders Behring, the far right Norwegian mass murderer linked to the neo-Nazis

Monday, 26 September 2011
Norwegian police investigating the background of the Norwegian mass murderer have been following and reviewing mailing lists of suspected terrorist Anders Behring Breivik’s computer. They found that he contacted a number of Germans, identified as neo-Nazis.

In the large e-mail distribution list of Breiviks, there were apparently also traces to the Bavarian neo-Nazi scene: A few weeks ago invited the Augsburg state protection several right-wing extremists to witness interviews - "in connection with the bomb and gun attack in Oslo / Norway on 22:07:11 ", as it says in one of the subpoenas which the German news paper, Der Spiegel saw.


Among those questioned was Roland Wuttke, president of the neo-Nazi party NPD of the -district of Upper Bavaria. Wuttke denied all contact with Breivik, pointing to an open letter to the Augsburg police. In the letter Wuttke accuses the investigators want to operate with the subpoena of spreading "propaganda". He would not appear for questioning because he could not want to comment on the attacks.

Wuttke is pretty known in the in the justice circles in the upper Bavaria area. Since 2009, the Augsburg prosecutor opened a case against him and 25 comrades on suspicion of sedition. In a large-scale raid in October last year investigators seized 30 objects many computers, cell phones and a pistol with a silencer and 360 rounds of ammunition.

The attacks in the Oslo city centre and on the resort island Utøya carried out by Anders Breivik on 22 July this year killed 77 people - mainly young people who participated in a summer camp of the ruling Labour Party.

For Norway, the attacks were the worst disaster for the country since the since the Second World War.
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