A peek into how modern far right extremist views can lead to carnage


Saturday, 23 July 2011
In modern western countries today, as focus have been placed on chasing away the external threats from say the Muslim extremist, little attention had been placed at home gowns non Muslim -looking people. We has raise this issue here on one of our articles when wrote about the expansion of far right activities in Sweden that they could over shadow the so much feared external threats. These far rights are killing their own people and all far right activities should be stopped.

Yesterday, according to preliminary knowledge, one mans who hated the way things are done and how the people go about their lives decided to start a war killing scores of the country's future who also happened to be unarmed. He also gave swipe at the system by exploding a strong bomb near the Prime ministry also killing unsuspecting passers-by.

Anders Behring Breivik, aged 32, was arrested after the massacre of at least 84 people on the island of Ut�ya and the bomb that killed at least seven people in central Oslo. Preliminary reports hold that he expressed extremist views.

Behring Breivik was arrested on the island of  Ut�ya last Friday after he, dressed as police, entered the Arbeidernes Fylking Youth (AUF) summer camp, held each year for the Norwegian Social Democratic youth.


Police suspect that 32-year-old was also behind the powerful bomb explosion in the government quarter in Oslo a few hours earlier. According to the police, eye witnesses say they saw him around the area.

Behring Breivikhar did his military service in the Norwegian Armed Forces and was a member of a shooting club in Oslo. He had several weapons registered in his name, including automatic weapons.
He should also have distinguished himself from the others as a frequent commentator on several Islam-critical sites where through spent several posts expressed nationalistic attitudes and emerged as very critical to a multicultural society.

According to new paper, VG on the web, the 32-year-old created a twitter account six days ago, and there he posted a quote by British philosopher and social liberal, John Stuart Mill:

"One person with a belief is equal to the force of 100 000 who have only interests".

Behring Breivik has no known connection with being active or previously active in groups on the extreme right wing, but he said to be a member of groups.

In the recent years Behring Breivik started several businesses, but all were shut down after a short time. One of the firms engaged in the development of the network services on the Internet. Another - Geofram - had as purpose to engage in gardening. This may have led to a 32-year-old had access to large amounts of fertilizer, often a key ingredient in homemade bombs.

Anders Behring Breivik has previously lived in his mother's apartment in western Oslo, but in June this year, he moved to �sterdalen.
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