Swedish far right leader will not change his party rhetoric after Norwegian mass murder


Saturday, 07 August 2011
The leader of the Swedish far right party, Jimmie �kesson has spoken out, officially for the first time and he made it clear that his party will not tone down its rhetoric after the terrorist attacks in Norway.

In his summer speech on Saturday, Jimmie �kesson told party faithful who gathered to listen to him that the party will not dampen its immigration rhetoric because of the attacks in Norway.
“What is important to emphasize is that we will always keep a good tone in the debate that we have a civilized conversation and give up the worst expressions and strong line against each other. This applies to me and all politicians,” said Jimmie �kesson.

Approximately 500 people had gathered at a marina in �kessons hometown S�lvesborg on Saturday to hear him speak. Police intelligence showed no evidence of threats and no protesters in sight.


From the podium, Akesson talked with bodyguards standing close to him, that he had been angry at that the Sweden Democrats' immigration rhetoric was being criticized after the extreme right-wing terrorist Anders Behring Breivik killed many in Norway.

“We need to continue to criticize the Swedish immigration policy without being accused of mass murder,” said �kesson.

He acknowledges in the speech that he had read the manifesto of Breivik and commentators calls for the Sweden democrats to dampen his rhetoric is unwarranted.
“No one is calling for Fredrik Reinfeldt to resign or change his rhetoric because he expresses delight at just Fredrik Reinfeldt was elected prime minister of Sweden,” said in �kesson.

The right-wing populist Norwegian Progress Party has following the terrorist attack chosen to tone down its anti immigration rhetoric. But Jimmie �kesson does not think that the Norwegian Progress Party mean so much to it. �kesson, nonetheless, notes that the Norwegian party can be a model. Team

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