The Swedish mission in Libya has saved lives: Swedish Defense


Thursday, 04 August 2011
We reported last night that we will be snooping around to see how many bomb Swedish forces in Libya might have dropped after having looked at what the Danes had done. It turns out the Swedes might have saved lives more that dropping bombs at targets.

According to latest news from the Swedish defence forces in Libya, the Swedish troops taking part in the Libyan operation has repeatedly intervened to protect civilians under attack by the military in Libya according to members of the defence team to Swedish television, SVT.


It holds that the defence has not carried out any attack on its own but has called in military aid from other sectors of the NATO forces. At the foot of Mount Etna volcano, just outside Catania in Sicily, is the Sigonella air base. Here the Swedish air force participating in the NATO-led mission in Libya is based.

Five Swedish fighter jet planes, the Jasplan and a refuelling plane are involved, so far, in the operation where over 1000 flight hours has been carried out during the mission.
Sweden's contribution is mostly reconnaissance, but its airpower may only be use in the events of attach as self defence mechanism. So far it is reported that such has not been necessary.

But the force has also intervened when it has seen that civilians are being attacked on the ground.
“Of course we see such events on the ground and report the violation of UN”, says Fredrik Bergman who is one of the officials of the Swedish forces to SVT. He believes that their action has made life better for the civilians.

As the Swedish planes may not attack even to protect civilians, they have instead contacted other units of the NATO operation, which may resort to violence. The defence does not speak so highly of the efforts, but believe that many lives have been saved.
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